Sisterhood That Spans The Generations


So today was pretty much the greatest.

It started off like any other Friday, I woke up, went to breakfast, and then went to class.

After class, I was thinking about sisterhood, and all the things that make Wesleyan worth it. And then it hit me, the President of our college knows my name! She waves at me when she sees me and doesn’t scurry off like Presidents of larger, busier colleges might.

Thinking of the Queen, I realized my true goal in life–to take a selfie with President Knox.

Being that I’m of the social networking generation, I immediately posted my goal on Facebook.

And then what do you know, because of sisterhood connections, my goal was achieved! 😉


Yall. For the love.
We laughed at the fact that we had to take at least ten pictures to make sure our hair looked okay (as if hers is ever anything but flawless!).

I’ve had a lot of people recently ask me why I chose Wesleyan over a bigger school.

Things like taking a selfie with the President don’t happen at UGA or Mercer. Because of the sisterhood, and extremely involved alumnae, Wesleyan is more than a college–it’s a family!



How Much Can Change In A Year



One year ago today, I graduated from high school and began an entirely new journey.  

I must say, this year at Wesleyan has been of more worth to me than my three years of high school combined.

Today, one of my very favorite PKs graduated.

She has gone through many trials and tribulations this year, but she’s come out stronger and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

She’s only moving to Atlanta, so I can still stalk her. 🙂

 I have learned so much over the past year.

The biggest thing I have learned is that it’s okay to stand up for yourself.

Wesleyan encourages its students to be fully independent people who aren’t afraid to be good advocates for themselves.

With all the stuff I’ve been through and will go through, I think this is an important point to keep in mind.

I had to stand up for myself about a week ago.


I thought I was being mean, or vindictive, but Lyssavic assured me this person deserved it.

All the kept going through my head after I sent that text is this.



Yes, I am the Harry Potter nerd I look to be.

I stood up for myself, and because of that, I learned that it doesn’t always end with people chewing you out telling you you suck, as it has so many times for me.

One year ago, I NEVER would have done anything like this. 

But because of the strong women I have been surrounded by since August, I have learned that I have worth and that it’s okay to be a good advocate for myself.

And that, Wesleyan, I can never thank you enough for.


Oh and just for kicks, here’s the number one song from this time last year, just to keep with the theme. 🙂

Dreaming Dreams and Setting Goals


I was watching a show today and they were talking about dreams.

How we set up this goal that is going to be “everything” and then when it comes, it becomes a landmark, and we move on to the next dream.  

If there were a definition of Auburn, that’d be it.

All my life, I wanted to be loved; more specifically, by a *gasp* boy.

And so I drooled over Aaron Carter, Rhett Akins, his son Thomas Rhett.  

And then the Ex came.  

i thought everything was going to be great, but when we finally became “official”, I set my eyes on bigger things, graduation, college, life.

And when we broke up, I was surprisingly unmoved. 

I wasn’t devastated, I just did the next right thing–submersing myself into school, which eventually ended up with finding out I would graduate early.

Scholarships! Interviews! Senior Pictures!

My goal was to get accepted.

I did, and instead of it being the happiest moment of my life; I set a new goal, moving in.

I moved in, and my goal was to survive.

I did, and here I am, already looking at grad programs, eventual jobs, and places to live after I graduate in three years.

I’m not sure how to handle it.

I’d like to say that we should all just enjoy the moment, but if we did that, we’d end up failing tests, losing jobs, and having starving children, I’m afraid.

So instead of simply “trying to enjoy the moment” I think I’m going to try to live my life in such a way that when I do go to grad school, get married, and have a job, the memories of all that’s happened up to those points make me happy and proud to reminisce.

Life goes by too fast to only have one set goal in life, I’ve learned, because you will meet your goals faster than you ever realized. 

It’s kind of a good thing to have all these crazy dreams that just build up on top of each other though, because it gives you so many more experiences. Which I am a fan of.





I’d Like to Know You For A Long Time


This week is a particularly hard one. 

Yesterday, in addition to being Little Bro’s birthday (7?! What?! I’m not old enough for this!) was the first anniversary of my grandmother getting to where she was going, in the words of Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley.

It’s been hard to be away from my family for all this. 

And then today, in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, there was a blue F150 in line behind me. 

Looked just like my dad’s.

I literally had to look twice, my first thought was, “Oh, I wonder if that’s him”

and then

“oh. wait. never mind.”

and then the tears.


I’m sure the guy taking my money was very intrigued.

I immediately craved Fort Valley. 

I wanted to be with my big brother and cry.

Unfortunately, we live in separate states, and life prevents both of us from just getting in the car and driving to the other one.


The hardest part, to me, is not knowing the relationship we could have had.

I don’t remember any of the bad stuff anymore.

Just the times we had tea parties, he painted my nails, and we drove around the peach orchards and went swimming.

Then, the hard times came, and we “grew apart” I guess?


Everyone always said that we’d grow back together, and we have, just not in the way I would’ve liked.


Death is not my preferred way of strengthening a relationship.


Today, after I posted my CFA breakdown on Facebook, I was amazed.

My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the stuff like what happened today that happens.

One of Mama’s classmates, a Perfect Purple Knight of ’90 commented offering me grace and love.

That’s what real sisterhood is about. 

I can’t wait to offer advice and grace to future Pirates, PKs, GKs, and Hearts. 

I found out yesterday that I am an Orientation Leader this year. 

I was so excited. 

I get to hang out and be a support to PKs of 2018. 

Wesleyan, I’d like to know you for a long time. You make me a better person.


What A Year Can Do


So, I haven’t posted in a little while.

But with good reason.

It’s STUNT season, y’all!

STUNT is one of my most favorite Wesleyan traditions. 

Each class writes it’s own musical, and every February compete to see whose is the best.  

And, as if it weren’t cool enough, all the ticket sales goes to scholarships for rising seniors.


Did I mention I go to the COOLEST school ever?


Anyway, STUNT is a great way to get connected with your class (and even other classes).

Perhaps my favorite part of STUNT this year, is the fact that I know that *undisclosed amount of years* ago, Mama was doing the same thing I’ve been doing.

And that, my friends, is pretty darn cool. 


All my life, I’ve sort of struggled with identifying with my family as a whole, it was always, me and mama do this, me and daddy do this, me and MaeMae and Cap do this. 

Wesleyan has given me a family in itself. 

We all have different “things” we do here that make us who we are, but we also venture out into other things.

My friend Lyssavic, for instance, is a soccer player, but she is going to kick butt in our STUNT.

That’s one of the many reasons why I love Wesleyan.

It allows us to experiment with finding who we are.

We can be a part of every club on campus and figure out what our niche is. 

That’s pretty darn cool.


This time of year is also special to me for another reason.

One year ago today, I interviewed for the Mary Knox McNeill scholarship, the scholarship that has allowed me to flourish at Wesleyan and meet all sorts of cool people I wouldn’t have met had I gone to that co-ed school. 


The day I interviewed for my scholarship at Wesleyan. I was so extremely nervous.


Several weeks later, after I had heard about my scholarship and made my final decision. PIRATES ALL THE WAY.


And just several days ago, with my STUNT Committee. I have made Wesleyan my own, and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me!

So yeah, Wesleyan is pretty much the bomb.

It has changed me in ways I never expected.

And I love it.




PS–You’re all required to come to STUNT! 

One Semester Down



I have officially finished my first semester as a college student.

Time has FLOWN by.

Well, in certain parts.

I can honestly say, and have said to one of my favorite coworkers, that I am a COMPLETELY different person than I was at the beginning of this semester.


I thought I changed a lot in the three years of high school I had, but that was NOTHING compared to this.

I have had to re-evaluate my beliefs constantly to make them fit all the knowledge I have gained.

I am very proud to say that I’ve changed, actually.

I have learned more this semester, both in the classroom and through personal experience, than I could have ever imagined.

I cannot thank Wesleyan faculty, staff, and my sisters enough.

You have all shaped me and changed me.

It sort of scares me and excites me at the same time for the next three-and-a-half (WHAT) years.

So while, yes, I have had some bad times this semester, I am lucky enough to have a GIANT group of sisters surrounding me, waiting to bring me back into the fold.

I cannot say enough good things right now.

One of the biggest ways I have seen the epitome of sisterhood this semester is when K, one of our own, went in the hospital last week, and the outlook was bleak.

Wesleyannes from all over were praying or sending love.

And while she’s still not doing well, and it will be a rough road to recovery, both the steps forward and the steps backward have been rejoiced and cried over by many a Wesleyan woman.

K was one of the first people I met here. I actually mentioned her in a post a couple of months ago.

With all the death I have had to face in my short eighteen years, I have worried and cried over K all week.

But I have felt her presence with me, and her love.

The bond between sisters never breaks, even when hospital walls stand in the way.

And that, my friends, is why it’s good to be a Wesleyanne.


Soccer Moms & Ex-Boyfriends


I have reached a point in the semester where all the constant studying I did in the beginning is paying off.

I can breathe!

Right now, all I have left to do this week is take some Spanish quizzes online.

Y’all don’t even know.

Because of my working ahead, I got to have a pretty chill day today.

I went to psychology this morning, and my sweet professor, who is pregnant, felt horrible, and let us out a few minutes early so she could rest.

Madre & the Crays weren’t coming up for shots yet, so I headed to the ‘Bucks to finish work for tomorrow.

PSL, y’all, PSL.

After going to get shots, I went with Mama to Daybreak to watch the kiddos while she led her group–the Sister Circle.

Today, I watched one of the sisters’ daughters, who is about four or five.

She was fascinated by my purse.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

It’s my $12 brand new Vera Bradley from the GW Boutique.

She also almost took my phone with her when she left.

It was an interesting hour-and-a-half for sure.


Then I came back, went to dinner, and went BACK to Starbucks to study with my favorite couple on campus.

There’s never a dull moment when we are together.

We came back to campus for the soccer game.

This is where the specialness comes in.

The evening started off gorgeously, I mean, look at that sky!

The evening started off gorgeously, I mean, look at that sky!

Tonight the Wesleyan Wolves were facing the Huntingdon Hawks.

Unfortunately, we lost 2-0.

However, my problem isn’t that we lost, it’s that we lost to sore winners.

Technically, Huntingdon scored three times, but one was revoked because they were offsides.

That was the second goal.

After the third, a woman sitting on the Huntingdon side looks at me, the Cat, and Kohl, and yells, “Can’t take that one back, can you?!”


Ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

That’s one thing I can say for our team and fans, we may not always win, but I’ve never heard any outbursts like this from people associated with Wesleyan.

It makes me sad that we can’t all just get along.


It’s never that serious.

I hate it when we let the smallest, dumbest things get in the way of our relationships with others.

It drives me insane!

I’ve heard to many stories and been way too exposed to people who let their presuppositions affect the way they react to certain events and people.

They don’t realize how much their words can hurt.

Even in something as trivial as a soccer game.

We knew we were losing, we didn’t need her to rub it in.

Wesleyan has high standards for respect in our community, and events like this make me so happy that it does.

So please, y’all (and this is a challenge to myself too) think about how you’re going to make someone feel when you say something.

I have a friend who was broken up with recently because she was getting offended by comments her boyfriend was making and decided to speak her mind.

Having experienced a similar breakup, I was mad for her.

She, also like me, has been hurt by those who are supposed to be her peers, and yet make terrible comments because she believes differently.

What. The. French. Toast?

As she is a junior in high school, she’s getting ready to look at colleges, and I told her mom that if she decided to check out Wesleyan, she’s already got a community of sisters ready to accept her and love her no matter her beliefs.

Because that’s the way it should be.

Love somebody,