Sisterhood That Spans The Generations


So today was pretty much the greatest.

It started off like any other Friday, I woke up, went to breakfast, and then went to class.

After class, I was thinking about sisterhood, and all the things that make Wesleyan worth it. And then it hit me, the President of our college knows my name! She waves at me when she sees me and doesn’t scurry off like Presidents of larger, busier colleges might.

Thinking of the Queen, I realized my true goal in life–to take a selfie with President Knox.

Being that I’m of the social networking generation, I immediately posted my goal on Facebook.

And then what do you know, because of sisterhood connections, my goal was achieved! 😉


Yall. For the love.
We laughed at the fact that we had to take at least ten pictures to make sure our hair looked okay (as if hers is ever anything but flawless!).

I’ve had a lot of people recently ask me why I chose Wesleyan over a bigger school.

Things like taking a selfie with the President don’t happen at UGA or Mercer. Because of the sisterhood, and extremely involved alumnae, Wesleyan is more than a college–it’s a family!



I’d Like to Know You For A Long Time


This week is a particularly hard one. 

Yesterday, in addition to being Little Bro’s birthday (7?! What?! I’m not old enough for this!) was the first anniversary of my grandmother getting to where she was going, in the words of Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley.

It’s been hard to be away from my family for all this. 

And then today, in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, there was a blue F150 in line behind me. 

Looked just like my dad’s.

I literally had to look twice, my first thought was, “Oh, I wonder if that’s him”

and then

“oh. wait. never mind.”

and then the tears.


I’m sure the guy taking my money was very intrigued.

I immediately craved Fort Valley. 

I wanted to be with my big brother and cry.

Unfortunately, we live in separate states, and life prevents both of us from just getting in the car and driving to the other one.


The hardest part, to me, is not knowing the relationship we could have had.

I don’t remember any of the bad stuff anymore.

Just the times we had tea parties, he painted my nails, and we drove around the peach orchards and went swimming.

Then, the hard times came, and we “grew apart” I guess?


Everyone always said that we’d grow back together, and we have, just not in the way I would’ve liked.


Death is not my preferred way of strengthening a relationship.


Today, after I posted my CFA breakdown on Facebook, I was amazed.

My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the stuff like what happened today that happens.

One of Mama’s classmates, a Perfect Purple Knight of ’90 commented offering me grace and love.

That’s what real sisterhood is about. 

I can’t wait to offer advice and grace to future Pirates, PKs, GKs, and Hearts. 

I found out yesterday that I am an Orientation Leader this year. 

I was so excited. 

I get to hang out and be a support to PKs of 2018. 

Wesleyan, I’d like to know you for a long time. You make me a better person.


What A Year Can Do


So, I haven’t posted in a little while.

But with good reason.

It’s STUNT season, y’all!

STUNT is one of my most favorite Wesleyan traditions. 

Each class writes it’s own musical, and every February compete to see whose is the best.  

And, as if it weren’t cool enough, all the ticket sales goes to scholarships for rising seniors.


Did I mention I go to the COOLEST school ever?


Anyway, STUNT is a great way to get connected with your class (and even other classes).

Perhaps my favorite part of STUNT this year, is the fact that I know that *undisclosed amount of years* ago, Mama was doing the same thing I’ve been doing.

And that, my friends, is pretty darn cool. 


All my life, I’ve sort of struggled with identifying with my family as a whole, it was always, me and mama do this, me and daddy do this, me and MaeMae and Cap do this. 

Wesleyan has given me a family in itself. 

We all have different “things” we do here that make us who we are, but we also venture out into other things.

My friend Lyssavic, for instance, is a soccer player, but she is going to kick butt in our STUNT.

That’s one of the many reasons why I love Wesleyan.

It allows us to experiment with finding who we are.

We can be a part of every club on campus and figure out what our niche is. 

That’s pretty darn cool.


This time of year is also special to me for another reason.

One year ago today, I interviewed for the Mary Knox McNeill scholarship, the scholarship that has allowed me to flourish at Wesleyan and meet all sorts of cool people I wouldn’t have met had I gone to that co-ed school. 


The day I interviewed for my scholarship at Wesleyan. I was so extremely nervous.


Several weeks later, after I had heard about my scholarship and made my final decision. PIRATES ALL THE WAY.


And just several days ago, with my STUNT Committee. I have made Wesleyan my own, and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me!

So yeah, Wesleyan is pretty much the bomb.

It has changed me in ways I never expected.

And I love it.




PS–You’re all required to come to STUNT! 

Harry Potter, A Puppy, and STUNT


What an eventful weekend!

Friday night, Wesleyan rented out the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon for us to watch Mona Lisa Smile.

Seriously, Julia Roberts as a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man? Pure awesomeness.

Yesterday, Madre & the Crays picked me up early so we could make the two-and-a-half hour trek to go pick up the newest member of our family.

A ShiChon.

Y’all, I have never seen a cuter puppy.

We still haven't decided on a name, but this little cutie is the newest member of our family!

We still haven’t decided on a name, but this little cutie is the newest member of our family!

With all the changes around here, both good and bad, Miss *insertnamehere* has definitely brought some light to our world.

Throughout this weekend, while I was at home, I studied and wrote papers, but also had the TV on.

Yes, I am aware of all the studies on distraction, but I have to have noise while I study, and if it’s music, the audiophile in my starts browsing iTunes.

Anyway, this is the best weekend ever in TV.

>>Harry Potter Weekend<<

You don’t even know.

I feel like this was ABC Family’s early 18th birthday present to me.

They CARE.

I haven’t even watched a whole movie through this weekend, but catching the snippets is enough.

I am of the Harry Potter generation.

I grew up wanting the courage of Harry, the comedy of Ron, and the brains of Hermione.

I learned more about life, spirituality, and death from these books and movies than I ever have sitting in a pew.

I’m most definitely not a traditionalist.

JK Rowling created an intergenerational experience through her writing.

Mama read them before I did, but I remember when I finished the first book (it only took me four days), it was 1 or 2 in the morning and I had to go to school the next day.

I ran into her room (the Princess was a baby so she wasn’t sleeping anyway, or so I tell myself) and told her I finished it.

I remember the emotion that filled me, I was exhilarated, ready to run into the Wizarding World and create my own adventure.

I cried and laughed when the characters cried and laughed.  I was there alongside them every step of the way, rejoicing when things went right, and crying when things fell apart.

My friends and I used to play Harry Potter, it was a way of life.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I owe JK Rowling for the awesome relationship I have with Madre.  If I had been driving somewhere and forgot to text her when I arrived, I’d get a Molly Weasley-esque phone call of “Where HAVE you BEEN?”

We’re funny like that.

But tonight, instead of following the ways of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, I hope to follow in my mama’s footsteps.

Tonight is STUNT election night.

For my non-Wesleyannes, STUNT is the best thing ever.  It was started when a rising senior student could not afford to pay tuition for her senior year.  Her awesome sista-frands (yes that’s a word) decided to host a skit competition between the four classes, and by selling tickets, they would be able to pay for her senior year.

Sisters stick together.

Mama was involved in STUNT every year she was here.

She was the Chair of her STUNT committee freshman year because she was one of the few with a computer. (I’m thinking that’s not going to guarantee me the position 😉 )

I have grown up looking at pictures of STUNT, listening to songs to figure which ones would be good to rewrite the words to, and thinking about props to reserve.

STUNT is for real.

We don’t play.

I hope to be on the committee that sends our class over the top and to help us be a rare freshman class to win the STUNT Cup.

Going to STUNT last year solidified my decision to come here.  It is such a fun night; alumnae come back to support their sisters, all the classes do their chants, and to this day, several rising seniors are allowed to continue through their senior year because of the ticket sales.

And if I do make STUNT committee, you are ALL required to come support your girl. 🙂

So wish me luck, and I will be sure to post whether I made it or not here on the blog!

But until the meeting, I will be enjoying Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

I suggest you do the same. 😉


The Essence of Wesleyan



I hope you all are having an awesome weekend.
This is the feeling I have had countless times since moving to Wesleyan; starting classes, meeting people in the dorm, and meeting my Big. 🙂
That instant “click” you feel is the best feeling in the world.
I feel bad for people who never get to experience such a sisterhood. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity.
Love you all!