The Loss of a Light


This weekend has been a somber one at Wesleyan.

We lost a Light.

Reverend Hurdle, who I’ve mentioned before on the blog, passed away yesterday.

The man who taught me that God is love, commiserated with students about going to the dentist, and who was so excited when Lyssavic and I began to help lead worship at chapel.

Reverend Hurdle led a full life, but even full lives seem too short when they’re missed so terribly.

Tonight at chapel, during the last hymn, the one male voice that has accompanied so many female voices over the years was missing.  The song seemed dull in the Benson Room without his sweet, earnest tones accompanying ours.

We missed his handshakes, hugs, and “I’m so glad you’re here”‘s as we walked through the door.

Reverend Hurdle did not leave us without instructions though.

Every year, at the first chapel of the year, he has made his hope for us very clear–“Love for the sheer joy of loving.”

He believed this was the true essence of Jesus’ call to us.

So, tonight, as so many Wesleyannes grieve the loss of the most beloved man on campus, we still feel called–called to love, for the sheer joy of doing it.