Pirates Got That Power


Once again, I should be writing a philosophy paper.

Oh whale.

This weekend was one of the coolest weekends ever. 

I did no homework whatsoever.

Friday night, much to the chagrin of my Mama, I got to sit on the couch and play iPad games with my brother.

That kid is growing up more and more every day and it terrifies me.

Saturday might’ve been my favorite part, though.

After working what seemed like the longestshiftever at the Shop with one of my favorite coworkers, I decided to make the trek up to Wesleyan.

See, it was Alumnae Weekend.

The coolest thing happens to Mama when she gets on this campus.

She becomes eighteen again.

It’s absolutely terrifying.

Her voice sounds weightless and she’s just happy

Anyway, I went and played soccer against the alums.

I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing that no one scored. 😉

When it was over, I drove my car back to front campus, then texted Mama to see where she was.

When I joined her and the Scarf-Maker that could, also a mighty Powerful Pirate, I immediately knew that things were gonna get deep eventually.

I have this sixth sense where I can tell when Mama (or I) am about to “click” with somebody.


Boy, was I right.


After about an hour of talking about life, death, and everything in between, we moseyed over to the balcony overlooking the fountain.

After a minute, the Scarf-Maker said, “Auburn, come with me. Tara, stay here.”

And then, it happened.

A new tradition, one I will pass one to some very special people in the future, began.

She told me, “When I was here, there was a non-trad student, who was 70 years old. One day, we were walking, and I tried to open the door for her, but she wouldn’t let me. She grabbed the handle and pulled, saying “May this be the first of many door to open for you.”” 

Then, she opened the door for me, reiterating those same special words.


This was bigger than when Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker, “May the Force Be With You.”

Or when Effie Trinket told Peeta and Katniss, “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.”

I will treasure that moment always.

To have someone wish you well is one of the best feelings in the world.

To know that someone cares, wants you to succeed, in a world that doesn’t care and wishes you failure, is a gift of great magnitude. 


So here’s to you, my friends.

May today be the first of many successful days to you.

And in the words of my friend Mac, “If someone ain’t told you they love you today, I do.”