Dreaming Dreams and Setting Goals


I was watching a show today and they were talking about dreams.

How we set up this goal that is going to be “everything” and then when it comes, it becomes a landmark, and we move on to the next dream.  

If there were a definition of Auburn, that’d be it.

All my life, I wanted to be loved; more specifically, by a *gasp* boy.

And so I drooled over Aaron Carter, Rhett Akins, his son Thomas Rhett.  

And then the Ex came.  

i thought everything was going to be great, but when we finally became “official”, I set my eyes on bigger things, graduation, college, life.

And when we broke up, I was surprisingly unmoved. 

I wasn’t devastated, I just did the next right thing–submersing myself into school, which eventually ended up with finding out I would graduate early.

Scholarships! Interviews! Senior Pictures!

My goal was to get accepted.

I did, and instead of it being the happiest moment of my life; I set a new goal, moving in.

I moved in, and my goal was to survive.

I did, and here I am, already looking at grad programs, eventual jobs, and places to live after I graduate in three years.

I’m not sure how to handle it.

I’d like to say that we should all just enjoy the moment, but if we did that, we’d end up failing tests, losing jobs, and having starving children, I’m afraid.

So instead of simply “trying to enjoy the moment” I think I’m going to try to live my life in such a way that when I do go to grad school, get married, and have a job, the memories of all that’s happened up to those points make me happy and proud to reminisce.

Life goes by too fast to only have one set goal in life, I’ve learned, because you will meet your goals faster than you ever realized. 

It’s kind of a good thing to have all these crazy dreams that just build up on top of each other though, because it gives you so many more experiences. Which I am a fan of.






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