Tomorrow night’s the night, friends.


It’s going to be great trust me.

All of us students get to watch the dress rehearsals, and I can assure you, you do NOT want to miss it.

In case some of you haven’t noticed, STUNT is sort of my baby.

Growing up hearing fabulous stories of the PK ’90’s STUNTS, coming to my first STUNT last year, it’s safe to say that STUNT is the Wesleyan tradition I’m the most passionate about.

I’m extremely proud of all the classes, but especially my own.

We definitely had our problems, but we pulled together and we are going to have a STUNT on the stage that is funny and that we are really invested in, and that’s all that matters.

No matter who wins, I’m going to be happy with the hard work we’ve put in and all the fun we’ve had.

But it’d be nice to win too šŸ˜‰

So I hope you all are able to come see it, and if you aren’t, be cheering us all on from afar.

It’s gonna be a good night!



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