You’re Gonna Make This Place Your Home


One year ago today, I got the call.

Only this time, following far too many bad news calls, it was good news.



And a minute later, I hear, “Well, I hope what I tell you will make your week a little bit better.”

“Yeahhhh?” I asked.

“You got it!” Parrish exclaimed.

See, one year ago today, I received the news that I was going to be a Mary Knox McNeill Scholar at Wesleyan.

Today, I sat on stage with Mary Knox McNeill’s sister, President Knox, and read a passage of Scripture at the ground blessing for our new chapel.


You wanna talk about starting from the bottom?


It amazes me how much I’ve changed in just the short year Wesleyan and I have been together.

I’ve got more friends than I know what to do with, including a lovely set of “parents”, an “aunt/big-in-law” and a “granddaddy” who gives me advice on her futon and says the same stuff my grandparents would have. 

And the craziest thing is that these women are going to be some of my closest friends forever.

Last night we were talking about finding a cute set of bearded brothers to marry so our kids would be related.

And even though that, in all likelihood, won’t happen, my kids are gonna have two Aunt K’s and two  Aunt C’s, one of which will be in England, but will have to visit 😉

One year ago, I went from crying in a Zaxby’s because I had lost my grandmother to crying tears of happiness because I felt her with me as I sat in the Big Room at her house getting the news that I would be a Wesleyanne. 

I went, in one year, from being the girl that hung out with people, but searched for that “best” friend, to sitting in an apartment last night eating kale soup with my best friends. 


It may seem like my love for Wesleyan is overboard, but days like today, I am overwhelmed with being a huge part of the history and legacy of the place.

It’s pretty darn cool.


(OH-And I’m on hugging terms with the President–not that she doesn’t hug everyone, but I’m choosing to feel special ;))





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