My Brother From Another Mother


There is one person I haven’t blogged about very often that deserves to be spoken about.

My big brother.

It continues to amaze me how true the “blood is thicker than water” concept is.

Will and I never lived in the same house, because by the time I was born, he had moved to Alabama.

However, he came to visit quite often, and always made time to play and hang out with his way less cool little sister.

Because of our age difference, he’s always been a little protective over me. As in, last week he told me that any guy that wanted to propose had to ask him and my Mama first.

Dear Lord, that boy better be strong. 😉

Anyway, Will and I joke that because we’re Davidsons, we never show affection.

And for the most part that’s been true.

But, when crisis hits, people change.

I have never hugged my brother or told him I loved him more than I have in the past month.

We’ve both had to grow up a lot in the midst of our dad’s death.

My brother, a dad himself, clutched tighter to his daughters.

I have learned to make a lot of decisions on my own, which is SCARY AS MESS.

We’ve both learned that showing emotion is not the worst thing in the world, it doesn’t make us weak.

One of the most bittersweet moments we had was right after the graveside.

There had been some drama right before the service, and I had been so upset that I went to stand with Lynn and Hank, my second family.

After the service was over, I just stood there.

All of a sudden, Will grabbed me and we held onto each other and cried for what felt like forever.  We didn’t say anything, we just sobbed.

It is possible that we are the only ones who know what feelings we are having.

I am honored to have cried with my brother, listened to him cry, and had him listen to me cry.

He will forever be my best friend.

Last week, he came over from Alabama to help my grandmother with some things around her house.

I came over too, as she also needed me.

I cannot remember the last time the three of us were together, staying at her house like that.

I am thankful for that memory.

One day, as I was leaving for class I walked by the door and saw this.

Don't ask me why, but this view almost made me cry.

Don’t ask me why, but this view almost made me cry.

Will and I lost the one parent that we share.  I think we’re both feeling a little lost in the midst of so much change.

But looking at our shoes, same style, just sitting there next to one another, I felt like I belonged.  I felt like we were kids again, running around Nannan’s house driving her nuts. 🙂

We are our own sort of little family right now.  My grandmother, Will, Christy, the babies, and me.

And there’s such beauty in it, I cannot even tell you.

I think my dad would be proud to see us sticking together.

So tonight I am thankful for a big brother who worries about me, cries with me, and brings such laughter and fun to my life.

I love you, Will!



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