That One Religious Post


The other night at Chapel, a girl from my Spanish class spoke.

I was tired from driving, but I went anyway, as I can only have 5 absences a semester and I didn’t want to waste one.

Anyway, I’m so glad I went.

I’ve been having some issues in my beliefs.

I used to be really into it, but after MaeMae and Cap passed away, I just didn’t get it

I wanted to know why they had to die when other people, people who have caused so much pain in my life and in others’ lives were seemingly immortal.

But that’s another story.

Kellie said something, though, that has stuck with me all week.

She said that when Jesus called himself our friend, he was showing us that we are equal.

He didn’t want to be seen as a deity, really.

He lived a human life full of pain and suffering just like we are.

He wanted humanity to realize that he gets how much it sucks to lose those you love.

To be hurt by those who are supposed to be “safe” people.

Whether you believe or not, it doesn’t matter.

Jesus was a pretty cool dude either way.

He forged more meaningful relationships with those who were outcasts than I can even count.

This is why I want one of my majors to be religious studies.

I want to learn how to have relationships with people who are different.

At the very core of our beings, we’re really all the same, no matter what religion you do or do not subscribe to.

Equality of humankind was something Jesus pushed for in a time where equality was not accepted.

Sounds a lot like today too.

Today I’m thankful for an accepting community.



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