Family Ties


So the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is coming to campus on Saturday.


That thing is my dream car.

Well, not really, but it’s pretty dad gum awesome.

Sadly, I won’t be here.

Instead, I’m going to my family’s reunion thing, for lack of a better way to describe it, it’s the Turkey Egg Hunt.

For real.

We have always had an Easter Egg Hunt, since way way before I was born, and now we have one in the fall too, because we can’t stand being away from each other for a whole year. 😉

And let me tell you, this year more than any other, I need to see my peeps.

And I need to eat some of cousin Sally’s lavender-lemon cookies.

Y’all, my family is chock-full of brilliant cooks and bakers.

As I sit here with my TV on FoodNetwork, I’m getting more excited.

See, in my family, food is the love language.

My MaeMae would feed you until you swore you were never going to eat again.

She instilled a love of food in me.

I mean, it takes a special person to get a 5 year old to eat spinach quiche!

(FYI-it was, and still is, referred to as green pizza)

I loved taking boring ingredients and turning them into something yummy.

That’s one of the biggest things I miss about her.

It sounds extremely trivial, but we bonded over food.

I still remember when she let me bread the chicken to fry and told me not to tell Mama I had touched raw chicken or she’d freak out.

And so I told her!

After Cap passed, she was often too tired to cook up a heap of fried okra like she used to, but she had a way of making Stouffer’s Mac’n’Cheese and green beans feel like a feast.

I will never forget last Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving of 2011 was exactly a week after Cap died, so we didn’t want her to wear herself out cooking, but she insisted on doing something so I spent the night with her and helped.

Last Thanksgiving though, we were all so happy to be together, like things were finally starting to look up.

She brought over my favorite food in the world-dressing and gravy!

I can taste it.

Something about it being cooked in her house gave it a better taste than anybody else’s I had had that used her recipe.

That house is made for cooking, y’all.

MaeMae and I took the longest to eat, because we had to comment on every part of the meal, and what tastes made it perfect.

It was an awesome day, one I feel like I took for granted.

And living off of dining hall food, I would give the entire world to drive over to her house and eat with her.

They try, but nobody can live up to MaeMae’s fried chicken!

As we approach our first Thanksgiving without her, things are definitely a little weird.

Nothing will ever be the same, but all I can hope to do is enjoy food as much as she did, and one day teach my kids to love food.

So today I’m thankful for old recipes, future Turkey Egg Hunts, and family, because they make insane days worth it.



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