Love Your Body


Today ACT, the feminist movement on campus, hosted “Love Your Body Day”

They had a table set up in the dining hall where we could make pins telling the world what we loved about our bodies, whether it be something physical or a function our bodies can do.

My pin, talking about the part of my body that I've always been the most proud of. :)

My pin, talking about the part of my body that I’ve always been the most proud of. 🙂

Once I returned to my room, I realized that I could have written I Love My Curves.

But honestly, it wasn’t until I came to Wesleyan that I embraced my curves.

See, I realized that no matter what size you are, or what color your hair is, we’re all sisters.

Maybe it’s just because there are no guys here, but I really think it’s more than that.

I’ve been so much more confident.

And in the words of my friend for life, Cat, I’ve tried to be my “sexiest self.”

Hehehe. I’m gonna get a call from Mama on that one.

But really, being “sexy” isn’t what she meant.

She meant to own the way I look and to own the pride I have in it.

 Now, it’s not good to think you’re all that and a bag of chips because of the way you look, but it is okay–good even–to feel confident in who you are ad the way you look.

And to beat anybody down who decides to grab your rear end at the Luke Bryan concert–yeah, that happened.

I’ve learned to respect myself, my needs, and my sisters.

Not once have I felt guilty for eating dessert in front of my “skinny” friends.

Who cares?

Typically, I eat pretty healthily, but sometimes they have pumpkin-y desserts in the dining hall and I splurge.

I’m owning it.

So this week, I challenge you to find something about your body that you admire and enjoy.

Your curves, your ability to read, or your crooked feet–anything!

Loving yourself is a step toward loving those around you.

It’s good stuff.




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