The Girls of Fall


Well, fall break has (sadly) come to an end.

It’s been amazing.

Friday, I got to hang with Mama alone for a little while while Major Dad took the Crays to Johnny G’s.

Lemme tell you, hanging out with Mama by ourselves, even if we’re just chilling in the living room with the puppy, is my favorite time ever.

Then, we all headed down to the fair with Gnomee, Leroy, and the Grape.

I happened to run into one of my best friends in the entire world that I hadn’t seen in four years.

She screamed and grabbed ahold of me and we stood in the middle of the walkway crying and hugging for a good five minutes.

No matter the time that passes between when we see each other, we always just seem to pick up where we left off.

We’ve both changed so much, for the better.

We are now confident women who have become our own people.

I love her so much, I cannot even express to you.

In middle school, I went through the cheerleader phase, and pretty much left her in the dirt, but after I came to my senses, we became close again, and obviously, it only made us stronger.

Saturday was a pretty chill day.

We ate Stevi B’s and then the menfolk took the kids to a car show while ‘Dre, Gnomee, and I spent way too much time and money in Goodwill.

But I got a brand new Vera Bradley for $12 so we’re all good. 😉

I also drove Mama in my car for the first time since I got my license forever ago, and she survived!

Sunday, Angelbaby went with us to the fair so I would have someone to ride the ‘big kid’ rides with.

She had me riding things that I had sworn off years ago.

But that’s just our relationship, she makes me a better person by challenging me.

Always has, especially when she lived with us.

She made me rethink a lot about life.

After a fun-and-fatty-food-filled day at the Fair, Mama went to see a friend in the hospital and I went to Bare Bulb for church for the first time since I’ve been at Wesleyan.

Call it fate, but the guy in the truck driving next to me the whole way there–both of us blasting country music with the windows down–showed up and I think we’re gonna be friends.

He defended my wanting a truck to my thirteen-year-old brother from another mother, so he’s pretty much my favorite now.

Yesterday, Angelbaby and I went to see one of our old teachers to catch up.

It was great.

But then it was back to my reality of preparing for Spanish exams and Graphic Design projects.

My favorite times at my house are when I’m laying on the floor with the puppy, or sitting at the bar talking to Mama while she’s cooking, or sleeping in silence.

Living away from home really gives you a new appreciation for the people who have known you your whole life.

Counting down the days until Thanksgiving break, but living each day until then to the fullest,



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