True Sisterhood is Support


Let me preface this by saying;

No we don’t have to agree to get along.

This is not a political post.

That being said, tomorrow is a very special day.

It’s National Coming Out Day.

I’m writing this to support and congratulate those who have been brave and honest with their communities.

I’m a straight ally.

My best friends here are dating, and let me just say they are the cutest couple ever.

They have a community of people around them that love them and care about them.

However, some people aren’t so lucky.

Taken from Tumblr

Taken from Tumblr

40% of homeless youth are LGBT.

This is a statistic we need to change.

So maybe instead of freaking out about the government, we should look at our own actions.

Our own words.

The things we say and do to hurt people who are different from us.

In psychology, we learned that, genetically, form person to person, we really aren’t that different.

So acting like you’re high and mighty because you think your way is the only way?


I was told all through high school that because I believed in equality, I was a *gasp* liberal that wasn’t really “saved”.

But that was in the same breath that they told me I was deficient as a human being because I was raised by a single parent for a while.

I’m calling bull on both of those statements.

Jesus preached love.

I’m not super-religious, but I am spiritual.

Jesus said the most important things to do are love him and love others.

I think all too often, the church is so consumed with loving God that they forget about the “others” part.

We’re all in the same boat in the world.

We’re just trying to make it day by day.

No matter our race, sexuality, or hair color, we are all just people.

Lost people who need each other to make it through the day.

I am so glad I came to a school where diversity is celebrated.

Tomorrow, our chapter of GLBAL will be in the Cafe will be there to encourage people who are coming out and celebrate others’ stories of coming out.

That’s sisterhood


*If you don’t understand this, google Alx James. He’s also sort of my fiancee, emoji ring and all!


2 thoughts on “True Sisterhood is Support

  1. Nicole Wilson

    I love YOU Auburn. You are forever one of my best friends in the whole world even though I can’t see you as much as I would like to. Thank you for your support and love. And for calling me and Cat the cutest couple ever 🙂 — Nicole Wilson

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