You Find Out Who Your Friends Are


Tonight I’m thankful for the community of people around me who care.

Who celebrate things like an unexpected A on a Graphic Design project and sweet texts.

It’s good to have a community.

I’m lucky enough to have multiple communities.

Wesleyan, Bare Bulb, Daybreak, family.

I’m one loved chick.

But sometimes, its hard to feel that way.

It’s much easier to just mope around about how no one ever asks you to do stuff.

I’ve learned that at this point, I’m an adult, and I have equal rights as anyone else to ask people to do stuff.

I have worth as a person.

I think that’s what Wesleyan is about.

Realizing that you are worthy of love and good, strong relationships.

And realizing that people can genuinely like you.

And realizing that some people just aren’t going to get along with you, and that’s okay.

College in general is a place to discover who you are, who your friends are, and who you’re going to be.

And I can’t wait to find out!

I’ve got more friends than I did on August 16, that’s for sure.

Several I met within the first days of moving in, and today we were reminiscing on how we met.

Yeah, I got told I was the quiet one.

*sigh* Story of my life.

We’ve already got such a strong bond that we laugh at the fact that we were so nervous when we met.

I joke that one of them stalked me to be her friend, but seriously, she was the one who would see me in passing and say hey every time.  That makes an impact.  That’s the kind of friends you want. The ones who will tackle you down to make sure you know they see you, you’re not invisible.

The other one, today in Graphic Design, rammed her chair into mine and said, “Friendship!”

Yeah, in three seconds she pretty much summed up our relationship.

I love these women.

I always have people to look for in a crowd to sit with, and I always have people I can cry to or gush to.

It’s pretty freaking awesome.

Go make a friend.

Tackle somebody with your love.




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