Thank You, Mama


This week has been the hardest week I may have ever had in my life.

I’ve learned a lot.

Such as, if you think medicine is making you feel funny, STOP TAKING IT.

 I’ve learned it’s okay to ask for help.

In my darkest steroid-induced moment, I called my aunt, and she came and got me on her way home from work.

I’ve not slept that good in ages.

Mama took me to a really, REALLY good doctor.

He assured me that I’m not crazy, but that the smallest things being off in our bodies can make the biggest differences.

And now I have a TON of natural, homeopathic remedies.

I may actually get cured of the stomach pain I’ve had for 6 years.

Praise the LAWD.

I know now that everything happens for a reason.

The reactions I’ve been having to the steroids were just a bridge to get me to go to a doctor that not only knows what he’s doing, but isn’t force-feeding me drugs with scary side-effects.

I’m also considering pursuing a career in naturopathy now.

Using cool technology AND psychology? I’m sold.

Madre & Baby Auburn. December '95

Madre & Baby Auburn. December ’95

Also, my mom is a boss.

When I was losing my mind, scared of everything, and feeling like the darkness was going to consume me, she kept me sane.

Mama and I have an interesting relationship, but sometimes I call her just so she will tell me I’m being irrational or that I should do something different than what I’m doing.

 Don’t ask me why, but it works.

She knew something was off before I did.

I was just seriously convinced that I couldn’t handle anything to do with living and that all I should do is sleep.

Mama, being the wonderful person that she is, told me otherwise.

I know I probably have made her absolutely crazy with all the weepy phone calls, coming home in the middle of the week, and taking up altogether way too much of her time.

She is a better advocate for my well-being than I am.

In every way.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now-or at least I know it’s there.

So tonight, I’m thankful for family that will come get sick nieces on their way home from Atlanta, sisters that tell the doctor they “just want Baba to stop crying”, brothers that don’t care how you feel, he’s  about to lose a teeth and that’s darn cool; and Mamas who know me better than I know myself.

I’m also thankful for Dads who text you from halfway around the world and try to offer help; and friends who are willing to party with a college student at a Luke Bryan concert 🙂

I will leave y’all with this sweet video.

T.Swizzle isn’t my personal favorite, but I think this song perfectly describes Mama and me.


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