Why I Won’t Be Taking Steroids Again


I’m really feeling this today.


In my eighteen years, I’ve had much exposure to many different types of meds for various and continuous stomach pain and stuff like that.

But boy, this weekend, I have had the worst time ever.

See, I was having migraines and dizziness that wouldn’t go away, so my doctor prescribed me a steroid.


I have cried literally all weekend.

I have been so panicked and so lost.

And I’m afraid I have made my Mama crazy.

I know in my head, after talking to a different doctor, that all of this is caused by the steroids, but honestly, that sort of makes it worse.

It’s scary to think that this medication has such power.

So this week, I am doing something I have wanted to try since I saw a little clip about it in between the two storylines in an Arthur episode when I was little.

I’m going to see a natural pathologist doctor.

I’m all about handling stuff naturally.

When my anxiety isn’t steroid-induced, I have anti-anxiety drops made of flowers that do the trick perfectly; and I also have the matching sleep aid.

They’re non-habit-forming, and they can really do good things for you.

It just makes me feel better knowing that what I’m putting in my body came from the earth.

And hopefully, the new doctor will help all of this mess go away.

I am in need of a medication where the only side effect is extreme sexiness.

I could be okay with that.


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