The Light at the End of the Tunnel


I’m about to be real with y’all.

Get ready.

Sometimes I feel lonely.

Today was Fun Day on the Quad, sponsored by SRC and CAB (but anything that AT has to do with is always awesome!).

There were spinning tea cups, cotton candy, and carnival games.

Now obviously this wasn't on campus, but I'm craving the fair so bad I couldn't resist this picture! :)

Now obviously this wasn’t on campus, but I’m craving the fair so bad I couldn’t resist this picture! 🙂

And I got back on campus after work at 4.

I was so tempted just to stay in my room and study.

So I called Mama and asked how bad it would be if I skipped.

She said I needed to go and get outside.

Bless her.

I really did want to go, I just needed that push.

I needed the permission to take a little time out of studying to do something fun.

And it was.

I only stayed for 25 or 30 minutes, but I was glad I got out.

Then, at dinner, I sat with one of the first people to really talk to me once I got on campus.

Y’all, I love this girl.

We have the coolest conversations.

We are honest with each other, and we have each other’s back.

So much so, that when we were talking about guys I told her if she was ever wronged I’d come swinging with a baseball bat and she said if I ever drop my friends because of a guy, she’d whoop me.

It’s SO good to have friends like this.

I’ve had a hard week, but I’m pretty sure today has me coming out the other side.

Days like today are when I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.

It’s good to be a Wesleyanne.



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