Being Good Enough



Self reliance is a big thing in college.

And I’m struggling, y’all.

Not with the whole feeding myself thing. I can do that. It’s the being sick and not being able to curl up in my Mama’s bed and watch Harry Potter.

And the not being able to convince the ‘rents to take us out to dinner. I have a dining hall now.

I miss it.

But perhaps the hardest part is that Mama has no idea who my friends are. I will mention a name and she’s like “Now which one is this?”

And it’s nothing against her. It’s just different. I miss the days of Mama dropping me off at play dates that turned into sleepovers.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with all this freedom.

I mean, studying takes up all of my time as it is, but when people invite me to dinner I find myself texting Mama to see if it’s okay and if I’ve done enough work to take a break.

I’m trying to please everyone. And I’ve sort of forgotten about myself. So yeah, say I’m happy with a B on a quiz. That’s all that really matters. I’m the one that knows how much I studied and how hard the quiz was.

I’m happy with myself as Auburn. But not as a college student. I constantly text Mama to get assurance that I’m making the right decisions. It’s hard.

So that’s what I leave you with tonight. Be good enough for yourself in every aspect of your life, that’s what I’m going to try to do this week.

Also, if you’re around my way this weekend, I’m staying in campus and may need some reprieve. 😉 I’ll buy the coffee!

Love y’all,


8 thoughts on “Being Good Enough

  1. Oh, I hear you. This reminds me of when I was sitting at McDonald’s in grad school with some friends. I said, “That hot fudge sundae looks good.” My friend, Vickie, a mother of grown kids, said, “Go get one!” I answered, “I shouldn’t…I didn’t finish my meal.” She looked at me like I had a hole in my face where stupid was leaking out and said, “You realize you’re in charge now, right?” I was….oh…..22.

  2. An Old Wesleyeanne

    It’s funny, I am going to sound like an old fart saying this, but we didn’t have the texting and Skyping et al. in MY day! (not that I am not super skilled at these things now, ahem). But in the deep, dark ’80s, we had….the pay phone down the hall. And that’s how I communicated with my mother once a week. But wait! There were also letters, and my mom cut out all my favorite comic strips for me and mailed them once a week. So, moral is: Moms are the best, and you can do it, on your own. They are always watching out for us in their own way. Give yourself permission to do what needs to be done. And that’s my old fart lesson for the week! Staying on campus CAN be fun, so enjoy.

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