Family That’s Not Biological


My family is full of stalkers.

For real, if we meet and get along, you’re family.

That is exactly what happened with the “stars” of my blog tonight.

Tonight, I had an awesome early birthday dinner (I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M GOING TO BE EIGHTEEN IN THREE DAYS. WHAT IS LIFE.) with two of my favorite people in the world.

They have done so much for my family in the midst of good times and bad times.

Everybody needs people like that.

Lynn has been such a good friend to ‘Dre that I cannot even thank her enough.

Hinton was my stand-in dad on move-in day.

Hank is one of my closest friends and he’s not afraid to call me out on stuff, dadgummit.

Move-in Day. We some silly people.

Lynn & Hank. Hinton didn’t make it into this one 🙂


They watched me cry when I moved in and when they were leaving, it was almost harder than when Mama left.

Because it was finally real.

I’ve worked for Lynn since January but I’ve known her and her family since my freshman or sophomore year of high school.

Leaving my job at the Bulb made me realize that I was really leaving everything I had known.

As LH&H left that rainy Saturday, I was tearful and expressed my desire to go home, and Hinton said that he was going to ask me in a month, and that he knew I would say I love it here.

Well, my friend, you were right.

Tonight, I got to go to one of my new favorite restaurants in Macon and then go to the GW Boutique.

It was a good night.

At one point, Lynn reminded me of something I had posted, but I didn’t even remember it.

She laughed and said, “Isn’t it funny that I know more about you than you do?”

I love that.

She’s like my second mom.

I know if I ever needed anything, I could call any one of them, and I’d have help.

They’ve got my bail money, y’know?

It was good to get out and laugh.

I didn’t stress about the Psychology I had to read when I got back to campus, I just lived in the moment.

That is one of my goal’s for this year-to learn spontaneity and appreciate it.

We have now decided to make our dinners a monthly event, and that makes me so happy.

Y’all don’t even know.

Community and relationships are all life is about really.

We’re supposed to be here for each other, to listen, laugh, and buy Vera Bradley at discount prices.

have a great night



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