Thou Emblem of All That is Grand


Today has been the best day I have had since I moved in.

Today was fall convocation.

Students from around the world carry the flags of their countries up to the stage. This year, we are celebrating the first Australian students coming to Welseyan, one of which was my suitemate for my three weeks in Wortham.

Then comes the most breathtaking part.

The Tired Old Seniors march in, decked out in their graduation regalia. I can’t help but think they are concentrating on enjoying today, a preview of that day eight months from now when their time here culminates into a degree.

The faculty marches in next, followed by the convocation speaker, the President of the Alumnae Association, a member from the Board of Trustees, the Senior Class President, and the President of the College, the lovely and fabulous Ruth Knox.

Today was especially unique because not only was it my first formal convocation, I got a shout out in the
Baddest Mother Ever’s (AKA the Alumnae Association President) speech.

I heard my name and froze, y’all.
The Yorkie, however, was sitting next to me pointing so everyone would know where I was.

I will never forget the words Ashley spoke… “Do the next right thing.”
In the face of adversity, exams, writing for STUNT, and trying to find someone to eat lunch with, I should do the next right thing.

Next, Ashley mentioned one of my AMAZING Orientation Leaders, Lockhart. Sweetest girl. I was honored to have my name spoken so close to hers. Lockhart is an actress–an actress with a plan, and a realistic fallback in case the world doesn’t work in her favor. But goodness, I hope it does.
I experienced the epitome of the celebration of sisterhood today.

I love it here. If today was an insight to how the next for years to, I will be in Hog Heaven!

Sitting next to my Big Sister in Porter, hearing her excitement at being a Senior next year, I almost wanted to cry.

I know that the next four years will fly by all too fast.

So I’m going to challenge myself to do the next right thing and savor every moment.

The moment I’ve forgotten an assignment in my dorm- I will savor it because I know receiving a zero on an assignment is nothing compared to the consequences of screwing up in a job or a relationship.

The thing I hope I treasure the most is the friendships.

Mama has told me on many occasions to make sure to make friends here and keep up with them.

And yes, sometimes I eat dinner alone, or stay in at night to study. But I have friends who know how I do and love me for it.

Shortly before convo started, one of my dearest friends, the Yorkie, looked at me and said, “I’m so glad you’re friends with me.”

I nearly burst into tears.

It takes a long time for me to feel close to people.

But sisterhood was something we both craved when we decided to come to Wesleyan, and by gosh, I think we’ve found it.

She is going to do great things in her life.

Including being my unofficial STUNT co-chair and keeping me focused on the big picture, even though I tend to get lost in the details.

I’m thankful for someone I know I can be honest with and not be judged. For someone who listens and gives me honest feedback. Someone who knows that my mom is my best friend, and wants to meet her because she sounds cool.

Most of all, I’m thankful for Wesleyan, that brought two people together who may never have met other wise.

Hail Wesleyan, to thee.



9 thoughts on “Thou Emblem of All That is Grand

  1. *sigh* *Mike Wazowski eye roll* I’m so not cool. Whatchu been telling folks? Thankful for a great day. Loved seeing the pictures in my head as you describe them. And that you spent time with BME and Dr. VBW. A good day indeed. And make sure you take time to listen to people’s stories. Really listen. Even if it means missing something later. People and their stories–that’s everything. ❀

  2. Tara, she forgot to mention that President Knox came up afterwards to meet her! They discussed her scholarship and Ruthie said, “I’ve keeping my eye on you. I know you’re going to do well.” It was one of my things I wrote down in the gratitude journal last night!

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