I Have A Big!


The thing I have been the most excited for at Wesleyan happened tonight.

I got a big sister.

My entire life, I always either wanted a twin or a big sister.

No twin, and I do have an awesome brother, but no big sister.

Until my brother married a super awesome woman who inspires me daily. She’s the bomb.

But tonight, I added another big sister to mix.

My Golden Heart.

She is awesome, and though I only talked to her for 20ish minutes, we already know we’re going to get along great because we both like Duck Dynasty. 😉

She gave me an awesome gift, too!

(Being raised the way I was, I waited to open it until I got back to my room, y’know, gotta put the  relationship over the material stuff)

Sweetness--literally! I know what I'll be eating when I'm feeling down! :)

Sweetness–literally! I know what I’ll be eating when I’m feeling down! 🙂

I am really looking forward to getting to know her!

Some of the people I get along the best with have been GH’s, so I know they’re super awesome. 🙂

Sisterhood is a BIG part of the community here at Wesleyan, and I’m so glad I have someone to look up to and get advice from.

I cannot tell you how good it is to “click” with someone.  To feel liked and wanted is the greatest thing in life.

I’ve been told by several people that we are the perfect Big-Little match.  I believe it!

I love that at Wesleyan, even though you have sisters in your class, the whole campus is also a group of sisters.

Despite age, race, sexuality, religion, or anything else, the women are my sisters first and foremost.

Which means that I am one in a long line of a rich history of sisterhood, my mother and grandmother, a lot of close friends, my mama’s sisters.

In the words of High School Musical, “We’re All In This Together.”

I know that I could call anyone I’ve met here, and probably a lot that I haven’t met yet, ask for help, and get it instantly.

Wesleyan is just cool like that.

This is so freaking cool, y’all.

I wish you all rich sisterhood and love.





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