The Most Random Post Ever


Today has been a day.

Full of ups and downs.

Professors that won’t let you go to a mandatory meeting so you panic that you may lose your scholarship, seeing my family (both an up and a down, but that comes later), and officially becoming a full-fledged Wesleyanne.


That pin there? Yeah, that means that I’m for real now.

It’s crazy to think that 35 and 27 years ago (yes I’m giving away your age ‘Dre, but you don’t look it so its okay ;)) my grandmother and mama were going through the same ceremony.

I felt so official and grown up.

Then I felt guilty–I’m supposed to be the kid!

Mama coming to drop stuff off (including lunch) made me so happy and so sad at the same time.  I want to be at home with my family, but there is some part, DEEP deep down inside me, one that doesn’t even feel like me, that says I’m supposed to be here. I thought being only half an hour away I could go home often and just hang out.

So I should probably explain why I haven’t left campus since I’ve been here.

I told myself that if I could make it through Orientation without leaving campus, then the fight-or-flight part of me wouldn’t have me in my car on the way to Orlando or something crazy.  See, I know this is the best education ever, but after enduring the losses I have in the past 2 years (or heck, even the last four years) I treasure all the time I can get with the people I love.

People leave too soon.

I look forward to the day when I get my classes under my belt and can meet Mama at that green & white company’s *coffeehouse and just hang out.  Or even go home and see the Crays.

They are my best friends.

During the Matriculation Ceremony today, President Knox, an AMAZING woman who impresses me even more every time I see her, would give us advice (such as how being a part of STUNT is a direct path to becoming president of a college) as a fellow alumnae–a sister.  Yes, she also addressed us as the President, but she would stop every once in a while and say “Now I’m speaking as your fellow sister.”

That shocked me more than you know.

This woman who has the most power on campus, and was a practicing lawyer for 25 years, threw aside her title to make sure we felt a sense of community.  She wanted us to know that because she was one of our sisters, she had a vested interest in us and in the school itself.

LOVE her.

When I walked up onstage to get my pin and sign the honor code, she gave me a genuine, big, welcoming smile.

You don’t get that from many people in charge.

From her, I have learned that no matter who I am in the future, what degrees I end up obtaining, or what my position in a business is, to always relate to the people around you.  Drop those walls–even if it is only for a moment–and let people know that you’ve walked in their shoes, you care.

In my life, I hope to be as compassionate as President Ruth Knox.  Regal and professional, but genuine and friendly at the same time.

*I worked in a locally owned coffeeshop, Starbucks is a bad word 😉


8 thoughts on “The Most Random Post Ever

  1. Virginia Wilcox

    Did you know when she came on as president she did a salary study and when she saw how much more she was getting paid as president than the longest working faculty member she gave herself a HUGE pay cut so that she would never make more than the longest working faculty member?!
    She has been my hero for a LONG, LONG time…I know her special vibe comes across to almost everyone she meets and I am thrilled you have made that connection!
    Welcome to the family!

  2. I am tearing up reading your comment! That is inspiring! It just reiterates the fact that I chose the right college 🙂
    And thank you, it is a family I am definitely happy to be a part of!

  3. Oh, Auburn. You are so ahead of where I was when I was three days in. That kind of decision to not leave campus–that’s deep smart. Loving your mama and missing the Crays? That’s deep tenderness. Knowing a gem when you see Ruthie? That’s deep intuition. I get more awed by Ruthie every time I am around her. At Baccalaureate, someone came up behind me and asked if I was President Knox. We have similar hairstyles and are about the same height. I screeched, “Oh! That’s the biggest compliment I ever had in my LIFE! But that’s her over there….”

    Reverend Hurdle and now President Knox….who will you meet tomorrow??????

  4. You DO have similar hairstyles! That’s awesome! And me-deep? I don’t know, but I just like to find the best in people, in the words of Monk, “a blessing and a curse”. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! 🙂

  5. Mattie

    I think the guilt is what I dealt with more when I left home, first for college and then the Army. I felt guilty for being away from family and sometimes being as far as Germany where I couldn’t just take a trip to visit them. I did realize that we are supposed to eventually go off on our own and make our own life..didn’t make it easier as far as the guilt, but I knew they wanted me to go out and start my own life. You are so lucky to be so close to home, but don’t feel guilty when you can’t always go home. I know your family definitely understands and they want you to be successful. Once the school work starts stacking up, there is little time for anything else. I live about 21/2 hours from mom and she now knows that once school starts, I don’t come to visit as often. This is your time to experience new things, meet new people, and figure out who you really are, aside from your family. Make the best of it, enjoy your new adventure and try not to feel guilty about anything. This is your time to shine 🙂 Love ya! Loving your blog as have a great talent for writing…must get that from your mama 🙂

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