Love. It’s All You Need.


So today has been fun.

First we went to chapel–now I’m not a very “religious” person per say; as in I don’t need all of the regulations and structure, I just want to love.  Reverend H (one of my most FAVORITE people on campus) shared a verse with us at the closing of the service.  It was from 1 John 4:8.  The original verse is okay, but the way Rev. H paraphrased it touched me.  He told us that the most important thing we could do on campus this year and every year is not to go to every church service possible, but to love.  He said that if we love, we will know God, but if we don’t, we do not know God because…

God is love

God is love

Since leaving high school, I have been trying to figure out exactly what I believe about God.  That is one of the reasons I chose Wesleyan, because it is accepting of EVERYONE.  Even though the chapel service uses the Christian Bible and sings hymns, it is a very safe atmosphere–they aren’t there to try to “save” you but to love on you.

This is how church should be.

Depending on the version, love appears in the Bible 500-700 times.  It is mentioned in the Qu’ran (a much shorter book) 93 times.

Obviously, it is a pretty important concept.  No matter where you’re from, or what belief set you claim, love is necessary for life.

I’m a firm believer that even if people do not have the same opinion on a subject, love can envelop the differences if we try to focus on the person rather than their belief set. Now, I’ve learned from life that it is impossible to be friends with everyone.  Sometimes people just don’t click. But that doesn’t mean that we should write people off just because of their background, gender, race, religion, or orientation.

We’re all people.

Our job is to love each other because if we don’t, there’s no way we’re going to survive.


4 thoughts on “Love. It’s All You Need.

  1. Amen! Preach on! I’m an atheist and I believe in Rev Hurdle. I learn something from him every time I am in his presence. He’s way more about practicing than preaching, and an entire generation of Wesleyan women have flourished under his guidance! Are you going to do the Disciples program? It’s a great opportunity to grow!

  2. He is the best! I am a Wesleyan Disciple–my scholarship requires it but even if it didn’t, I’m sure I would join just to learn from him. I’m excited to get started! Practicing is ALWAYS better than preaching!

  3. Virginia Wilcox

    I believe I hear a Beatles song beginning in the background now! 🙂 So glad you’re here and making connections.

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