The New Normal


Well, today I left home to join a houseful of sisters.

I cried–almost incessantly there for a while–but I made it.  Some of my favorite people ever helped me get my room all prettified.

My lovely desk space--note the abundance of food--a necessity for sure!

My lovely desk space–note the abundance of food–a necessity for sure!

Not a great picture of my bed...more will come :)

Not a great picture of my bed…more will come 🙂

So you get the gist…

Wesleyan has been ingrained into me since I was born, not because I was going to be forced to go here, but because I wanted to. I spent countless hours poring over Madre’s yearbooks, scouting out clubs and fun activities. But now I’m here.  So far today, I’ve eaten *pretty* healthy, met a ton of people (if I forget your name, forgive me, I’m still learning), played an IMPOSSIBLE game of Sardines, watched Duck Dynasty, and fallen off my bed.

For those that know me, I do NOT do leaving my Mama–as sappy or cliche or nerdy as it sounds, she’s my best friend, I’m not ashamed.  I keep trying to remind myself that I *get to* live and go to school here, not I *have* to.  Taken from this baaaad mama right here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been pretty excited about starting over in a new school and redefining myself, but it’s hard.

 I feel a peace deep inside that this is the right place for me, but my head likes to tell me different.  Having lost a good portion of family members in my life, I’m deathly afraid of losing time with the ones have (yes, I am a control freak).  Promised weekly visits from ‘Dre & the Crays will be helpful though.  For now, I’m going to sit, watch Duck Dynasty, and focus on becoming okay with the new normal.

‘Cause rednecks and sweet tea make any dorm feel like home.


16 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. You are the bomb dot com and a great writer. I look forward to as many posts as you are willing to write. And you should. Because you are good. And I’m not just saying that. Well, I am just saying that, but not because I am your ‘Dre. Well, I am your ‘Dre, but I’m not saying it because I am. Straightened out? Whoo. Okay. Be hank happy.(I mean look at that face.) Love you. ‘Night. Sweet dreams. (And it’s funny because Bubba and I were talking about the new normal tonight. Great minds and all of that.)

  2. motherofanother

    You will be fine. You’ll be so busy at first and that’s a good thing. Once you get a little more settled in and a little time has passed (remember what Lynn and I said about coming home too early and too often at first), Anna and I would like to come visit your crib and take you to lunch somewhere (hopefully where there have been no muggings!). Love you and REALLY missed you today – YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!

  3. Scarlett

    Great post, Auburn! Hang in there and enjoy life. You will do great things. Prayers for you to adjust quickly. You will look back on this time as a treasure!

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